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My data plan has been used quickly, what could be the reasons why?

When your Ubigi SIM card is connected to the cellular data network (network bars with 3G/4G icon appearing on your screen), you can use your infotainment applications as well as your onboard Wi-Fi service. Some of these applications run continuously while you are driving. The global data consumed may depend on the number of hours you drive during the last period.

Also, it can be useful to know that once you have connected your device to the Wi-Fi hotspot by entering the password, your device will then automatically connect the next time you enter your vehicle. As this data source is seen as Wi-Fi, your device can run automatic updates without any notice and consume your Ubigi data plan.

If you want to avoid such unwanted/uncontrolled data usage, then we recommend:
– either to turn off the Wi-Fi hotspot of your car when you are not using this service
– or disable the automatic updates in your device’s settings option

If you use your infotainment services and on-board Wi-Fi on a daily basis, we advise you to recharge with a volume of data more suitable for your consumption.

You can recharge an extra prepaid data plan on your account from the Ubigi App or on the link below:

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