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How can I control my smartphone/tablet updates from automatically consuming my Ubigi data plan?

Once you have connected your device to the Wi-Fi Hotspot by entering the password, your device will then automatically connect the next time you enter your vehicle. As this data source is seen as Wi-Fi, your device can run automatic updates without any notice and consume your Ubigi data plan.

If you want to avoid such unwanted/uncontrolled data usage, then we recommend that you disable the automatic mode of these updates in your device settings option when you connect to the Ubigi Wi-Fi network onboard.

To do that, you need to enter the SETTINGS on your smartphone or tablet:

On Android system:
1. Open Google Play store
2. Open the icon on the top right part of the screen
3. Open Settings
4. Open Auto-update apps
5. Select Do not auto-update apps to disable automatic updates

On iOS system:
1. Open Settings
2. Open iTunes & App Store
3. On Automatic Downloads section, turn off the toggle next to Updates to disable automatic updates.

If you do not use the Wi-Fi Hotspot feature of your vehicle and want to benefit only from the infotainment feature, you can simply deactivate the Wi-Fi Hotspot feature.
Refer to How to turn off the Wi-Fi hotspot in my Jaguar or Land Rover?

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